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Viva Max A one-hour documentary for public television currently in production.

Funded by Latino Public Broadcasting.

In 1969 a movie crew landed in San Antonio to make a comedy about the Alamo. In the film, Mexicans retake the sacred shrine. The Alamo custodians were not amused. They called their lawyers to stop production. The national media jumped on the story. Making Viva Max will combine the visual language of an historical documentary -- archival footage, sit-down interviews -- with the more intimate perspective of a narrated personal video essay, and use a moment in pop culture to tell the story and ask some serious questions: Who owns history? What are the ramifications of that control? And how does it matter today?

Girl in a Coma: Live at Casbeers A DVD concert movie with additional documentary footage detailing the recording of an album.

The concert has been filmed and is in post-production. One song from the concert was released in advance digitally